Wauwatosa Rail Bridge

Warren Pony Truss Bridge over Menomonee River
Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

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Name Wauwatosa Rail Bridge
Built By Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway
Contractor Pennsylvania Steel Company of Steelton, Pennsylvania
Currently Owned By Canadian Pacific Railway
Length 110 Feet Total
Width 2 Tracks
Height Above Ground 15 Feet (Estimated)
Superstructure Type Warren Pony Truss
Substructure Type Concrete
Date Built Fabricated 1905, Erected 1909
Traffic Count 80 Trains/Day (Estimated)
Current Status In Use
MILW Bridge Number B-22
Significance Moderate Significance
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This massive pony truss sits in downtown Wauwatosa, an upscale suburb of Milwaukee.
The bridge is a heavy built 8 panel riveted Warren Pony Truss, which appears to have the engineering of 2005 instead of 1905.
The bridge of course is 1905 authentic, and was engineered very well by the Pennsylvania Steel Company.
It sits on concrete abutments, which state a date of 1909. This date implies the bridge was likely stored by the Milwaukee Road or the fabricator, and was installed at this time.
There are three trusses, one of which is between the tracks. This creates a very heavily built bridge, which is the unique feature.

The author has ranked this bridge as being moderately significant, due to the truss design.
The angles are hard to find, as the bridge is too long to be shot from the pedestrian bridge. An attempt at this angle is seen above.

Menomonee River Railroad Bridges
Upstream UP Menomonee River Bridge (S)
Downstream CP Menomonee River Bridge


Source Type


Build Date Date Stamp
Contractor Pennsylvania Steel Company plaque
Railroad Line History Source ICC Valuation Information, Compiled by Richard S. Steele

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