St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Saint Louis Park is a town in the inner ring of Minneapolis Suburbs. It once had a number of railroads, many which live on as railroads or trails.


BNSF Virginia Avenue Bridge

I-Beam Bridge over Virginia Avenue

CP Cambridge Street Bridge

Steel Girder Bridge over Cambridge Street

CP Glenwood Avenue Bridge

Through Girder Bridge over Glenwood Avenue (County Road 40)

CP MN-7 Bridge

Through Girder Bridge over Minnesota Highway 7

CP MN-7 Frontage Road Bridge

I-Beam Bridge over MN-7 Frontage Road

Dakota Park Rail Crossing

Through Plate Girder Bridge over BNSF Railway

Minnesota Highway 100 Railroad Bridges

Lost Parallel Through Girder Bridges over Minnesota Highway 100

Skunk Hollow Rail Bridge

Through Girder Bridge over Canadian Pacific Railway

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