BNSF Lexington Parkway Bridge

Concrete Arch Bridge over Lexington Parkway
Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota

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Name BNSF Lexington Parkway Bridge
Built By Northern Pacific Railroad
Contractor Unknown
Currently Owned By BNSF Railway
Length 109 Feet Total
Width 4 Tracks, 2 In Use
Height Above Ground 13 Feet (Estimated)
Superstructure Type Concrete Arch
Substructure Type Concrete
Date Built 1907
Traffic Count 90 Trains/Day (Estimated)
Current Status In Use
BNSF Bridge Number 4.46
Significance Local Significance
In 1885, the Saint Paul & Northern Pacific Railroad would build a line from Northtown in Minneapolis, to 7th Street in Saint Paul; a distance of 15 miles.
The line served as a connection point, with several lines heading west at Northtown, and connections to Chicago at St. Paul.
The railroad became part of the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1896, which had constructed many lines expanding to the west coast.
The railroad continued to serve as a mainline, being double tracked very soon after construction.

By 1970, the NP merged with rival Great Northern, as well as Chicago, Burlington & Quincy to form Burlington Northern.
BN continued to maintain this as a high priority line. By 1996, the BN merged with Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway to form BNSF Railway.
BNSF continues to operate this line as the St. Paul Subdivision, and is the busiest section of track in Minnesota.

This bridge is an elegant concrete arch, which crosses Lexington Parkway in the Como Park Neighborhood of Saint Paul.
The arch was built in 1907 to cross a growing street, in a growing neighborhood. It is extremely close to Como Park, which is a major landmark to the area.
Because of the detailed and decorated design of the arch, it really adds to the surroundings. Because of this, it is has been well preserved and maintained. A smaller box culvert was built directly to the west to allow for pedestrians to safely cross underneath the tracks, and the road to have maximum room.

The author has ranked the bridge as having local significance, because of it's less common design and the age of the structure. The decorative features also add to the historical integrity of the bridge.
The photo above is an overview.


Source Type


Build Date Northern Pacific Bridge Book, provided by Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association
Railroad Line History Source ICC Valuation Information, Compiled by Richard S. Steele

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