UP Sunfish Slough Bridge

Deck Girder Bridge over Sunfish Slough
East Clinton, Whiteside County, Illinois

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Name UP Sunfish Slough Bridge
Built By Chicago & Northwestern Railway
Contractor Wisconsin Bridge & Iron Company of Milwaukee
Currently Owned By Union Pacific Railroad
Length 550 Feet Total, 50 Foot Spans
Width 2 Tracks
Height Above Ground 10 Feet (Estimated)
Type Deck Plate Girder
Date Built 1909
Traffic Count 115 Trains/Day (Estimated)
Current Status In Use, Scheduled for Replacement
In 1859, the Chicago, Iowa & Nebraska railroad built from Clinton, Iowa on the Mississippi River, to Cedar Rapids, Iowa which is on the Cedar River.
At the same time, the Cedar Rapids and Missouri River Railroad charted a line continuing from Cedar Rapids to Council Bluffs, on the Missouri River.

The entire line across Iowa was complete by 1867. It connected to the Mississippi and Missouri Railroad. This was a critical link in the very famous Transcontinental Railroad.

By 1884, the railroads east of the Missouri became part of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad system. The construction of this line was one of the most important developments to the economy of Iowa.
As a bypass for Cedar Rapids, the Linn County Railway built a bypass in 1887. This route has since become a part of the mainline, as opposed to the bridge through downtown Cedar Rapids.

Due to the increased traffic along the route, it would be double tracked. The first segment to be double tracked was a segment between Cedar Rapids and the Cedar County Line.
That segment, and another through Clinton County were completed in 1891. A segment through Cedar County was double tracked in 1894.

The remainder of the line between Boone and Clinton was double tracked between 1898 and 1902.

The Chicago Northwestern became part of the Union Pacific Railroad in 1995, who favors this route, calling it the Overland Route. It sees a max of 100+ trains/day and is operated as the Clinton Subdivision between Boone and Clinton.

This bridge is the eastern crossing of the Mississippi at Clinton, Iowa. The bridge is made of 11-50' Deck Girder Spans on concrete filled caissons (lally columns)

The bridge will likely be replaced in 2018 by a new bridge, as the main channel bridge is going to be replaced.

The bridge contains slots for a third and fourth track in the abutments. This is likely from the old bridge, which may have been a truss bridge, as well as a track that headed north.

The photo above is looking east along the bridge.

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