Cool Bridges

This page is dedicated to unique bridges, extremely historic bridges as well as famous and massive bridges.

Carver Railroad Bridge, Carver Minnesota
I chose this bridge because I think it shows a bridge with a long history, that completely altered the fate of Carver, Minnesota.
This bridge was built 1871, 1898 and finally in 1917. It was demolished in 2011. It was a famous bridge, and was loved by all people alike.

Chicago Great Western Des Moines River Bridge
Lost 4 Span Pratt Through Truss on abandoned Chicago Great Western over Des Moines River, in Des Moines.

DM&E Redstone Bridge, New Ulm Minnesota
This bridge is also named for a non existant town. The town of Redstone. This is one of the oldest railroad bridges in the state of Minnesota.
This bridge is a fine example of how the engineering put into this bridge also changed the way bridges were engineered later on.
The bridge is one of the first riveted truss bridges and one of the oldest swing bridges in existance.

Dunnville Bottoms Bridge
This is a magnificent bridge over the Chippewa River in Dunnville, about 15 miles south of Menomonie, Wisconsin. It likely has a significant back story, as the main truss was relocated to here in 1892.

Fort Dodge High Bridge
The Fort Dodge High Bridge, the lesser known cousin to the Kate Shelley High Bridge downstream near Boone deserves far more attention than it receives.

Iowa Northern Hawkeye Ave Bridge
This bridge is located in Nora Springs, Iowa. But this bridge isn't just your average stone arch bridge. It is more than that. You will have to read to find out!

Northwestern Railroad Bridge
Located in scenic Eau Claire, wisconsin, this bridge is a one of a kind gem! Built 1880, it stands high above the Chippewa River! One of the most historic bridges in Wisconsin, and only known quintuple (5) intersection deck truss in the world.

Red Bridge
A historic Pratt Through Truss Bridge on the Ex Des Moines Union Railway, crossing the Des Moines River in Des Moines. Built in 1891, it is a landmark.

Red Jacket Trestle
This bridge has quite the history spanning the Le Sueur River south of Mankato, Minnesota. This landmark bridge has stood the test of time (and wild waters)!

Wolf Creek Tunnel
This bridge is a MASSIVE stone tunnel near Northfield, Minnesota. It is a very mysterious bridge though...

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