CN Kelly Road Bridge

Stone Arch over Kelly Road Road
South Of Council Hill, Jo Daviess County, Illinois

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Name CN Kelly Road Bridge
Built By Galena & Chicago Union Railroad Company
Contractor Unknown
Currently Owned By Canadian National Railway
Length 28 Feet Total
Width 1 Track
Height Above Ground 9 Feet (Estimated)
Type Reinforced Stone Arch
Date Built 1853, Arch Jacketed 1923
Traffic Count 5 Trains/Day (Estimated)
Current Status In Use
CN Bridge Number 159.3
In 1853, the Galena & Chicago Union Railroad Company built a line north from Cairo, Illinois, in the southern tip of Illinois to Freeport, in north-central Illinois. The line opened to Galena on October 28th, 1854.

By 1870, the line had extended across the Mississippi and all the way to Nebraska.

The line eventually came under the ownership of Illinois Central. The IC used this as a mainline, connecting to the bigger mainline to Chicago and to New Orleans, Louisiana.

In 1972, the IC purchased its main competitor, the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad, forming the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad.

The ICG years were bad. The Iowa Division was dismantled, and this line, along with many others were sold to Subsidiary Chicago, Central & Pacific Railroad in 1985.

The ICG changed the name back to Illinois Central in 1988, and purchased back the Iowa Division in 1996.

By then it was too late. Other railroads had been doing well, and competition became too much for the IC. They sold themselves to the Canadian National Railway in 1998, who would later purchase the Wisconsin Central in western Wisconsin and several other railroads.

The CN continues to operate this line with about 5 trains a day.

This bridge is OLD!

Located in literally the middle of nowhere, it is one of quite a few old arches on this line.
I originally intended to go back here in December 2012, but I couldn't because a truck got stuck under the other bridge.

The bridge is clearly a popular party place. There is only one house back here. Its a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

In 1923, a concrete liner was added inside the arch. The actual arch structure is still 1853, which is really old.

The photo above is an overview from the summer of 2013.

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