CIC Unnamed Creek Stone Arch

Stone Arch Bridge over Unnamed Creek
Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa

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Name CIC Unnamed Creek Stone Arch
Built By Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway
Contractor Unknown
Currently Owned By Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway
Length 10 Feet Total
Width 1 Track
Height Above Ground 8 Feet (Estimated)
Superstructure Type Stone Arch
Substructure Type Stone Masonry
Date Built 1890
Traffic Count 1 Train/Day (Estimated)
Current Status In Use
Significance Moderate Significance
Documentation Date January 2018
In 1877, the Chicago, Clinton & Western Railroad began construction of a nine mile line from an existing railroad at Elmira to Iowa City.
The following year, the Iowa City and Western Railway continued the line 11 miles south to Iowa Junction. Here, the route would connect to an east/west line through the area.
Both of these railroads would be leased by the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway. The BCR&N was constructing numerous small lines through the area, connecting all parts of Iowa.

By 1902, the BCR&N would be acquired by the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad. The Rock Island already had an established mainline running through Iowa City.
As a result, this route became a branch line. The line connecting to Elmira would be abandoned by the end of 1929.
In 1976, the line was again cut down and abandoned from Hills to Iowa Junction. By 1980, the Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railroad acquired the remaining portion of the line.

Today, the CIC operates the remaining portion as the Hills Industrial Lead. The route serves very few remaining customers, and could be a canidate for abandonedment in the coming years,

This simple stone arch crosses an unnamed creek near the south side of Iowa City.
Built in 1890, the bridge features a standardized design. The bridge is approximately a median age for stone arches along the BCR&N system.
Since the construction, the arch has been reinforced with a galvanized culvert lining. While this does slightly diminish the significance of the bridge, it also assures the bridge will be around for centuries to come.
Overall, the bridge is in good condition. This is partially because of the rebuild of the structure with a new lining.

The author has ranked the bridge as being moderately significant, due to the older age of the standardized design.
The photo above is an overview. The bridge can be accessed from the road parallel.


Source Type


Build Date Date Stamp
Railroad Line History Source ICC Valuation Information, Compiled by Richard S. Steele

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