Past Bridges Of The Month

The Bridge of the Month program was started in July 2011 to give credit to little known, or extremely historic bridges.

July 2011: MN-78 Bridge; Ashby, Minnesota
August 2011: MPL Redwood River Bridge; North Redwood, Minnesota
September 2011: Getchell Creek Trail Bridge; Freeport, Minnesota
October 2011: Clinton Falls Crossing; Clinton Falls, Minnesota
November 2011: Ex MNN Wild Rice River Bridge; Hendrum, Minnesota
December 2011: Crookston Railroad Bridge; Crookston, Minnesota
January 2012: Grand Forks Rail Bridge; Grand Forks, North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota
February 2012: DM&E Cottonwood River Bridge (2); New Ulm, Minnesota
March 2012: IANR Hawkeye Ave Bridge; Nora Springs, Iowa
April 2012: RCP&E Redwood River Bridge; Florence, Minnesota
May 2012: Cedar Bend Drawbridge; Near Osceola, Wisconsin
June 2012: Chippewa Falls Railroad Bridge; Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
July 2012: Seton Channel Bridge; Mound, Minnesota
August 2012: Des Moines Red Bridge; Des Moines, Iowa
September 2012: BNSF Nicollet Island Bridge; Minneapolis, Minnesota
October 2012: Meadow Hill Railroad Bridge; Menomonie, Wisconsin
November 2012: Webster City Railroad Bridge; Webster City, Iowa
December 2012: Fort Dodge High Bridge; Fort Dodge, Iowa
January 2013: CN E. Fork Galena River Bridge #8; Near Galena, Illinois
February 2013: CGW Des Moines River Bridge; Des Moines, Iowa
March 2013: Woolstock Railroad Bridge; Woolstock, Iowa
September 2013: Vinton Railroad Arch; Vinton, Iowa
October 2013: UP Shanaska Creek Bridge; Kasota, Minnesota
November 2013: CN Kelly Road Bridge; Galena, Illinois
December 2013: Elroy-Sparta Trail Arch #1; South of Sparta, Wisconsin
January 2014: Willow Island Rail Bridge; East Clinton, Illinois
February 2014: Bergfeld Pond Bridge; West Dubuque, Iowa
March 2014: CN Cloquet River Bridge; St. Louis County, Minnesota
April 2014: DW&P Trail Kingsbury Creek Bridge; Duluth, Minnesota
May 2014: Lytles Landing Trail Bridge; La Crosse County, Wisconsin
June 2014: BNSF Nemadji River Bridge (N); Saunders, Wisconsin
July 2014: Zoo Interchange Rail Bridge; West Allis, Wisconsin
August 2014: Kinnickinnic Stone Bridge; Roscoe, Illinois
September 2014: Merrill Rail Bridge; Merrill, Wisconsin
October 2014: Porlier Street Swing Bridge; Green Bay, Wisconsin
November 2014: Albion Trail Bridge; Albion, Iowa
December 2014: Hubbard Park Stone Arch; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
January 2015: Douglas Trail Bridge; Oronoco, Minnesota
February 2015: Elmen Park Rail Bridge; Sioux Falls, South Dakota
March 2015: Sandstone Rail Bridge; Sandstone, Minnesota
April 2015: Nelson Rail Bridge; Nelson, Illinois
May 2015: Abandoned Paint Creek Bridge #3; Waterville, Iowa
June 2015: Janesville Rail Bridge; Janesville, Wisconsin
July 2015: Oak Ridge Rail Bridge; Lincoln County, South Dakota
August 2015: Cary Rail Bridge; Fox River Grove, Illinois
September 2015: Ramsey Mill Pond Rail Bridge; Austin, Minnesota
October 2015: Egan Stone Arch; Egan, Illinois
November 2015: Barker Island Rail Bridge (S)
December 2015: Ottawa Lift Bridge; Ottawa, Illinois
January 2016: Wells Street Bridge; Chicago, Illinois
February 2016: 7th Street Improvement Arches; St. Paul, Minnesota
March 2016: Schererville Rail Crossing; Schererville, Indiana
April 2016: Memorial Park Rail Bridge; Fargo, North Dakota
May 2016: Clairemont Avenue Railroad Bridge; Eau Claire, Wisconsin
June 2016: Abandoned Cameron Ditch Bridge; Blair, Nebraska
July 2016: Randolph Rail Crossing; Randolph, Wisconsin
August 2016: Washington Rail Bridge; Washington, Iowa
September 2016: Misauno Island Bridge (Middle); Rural Marinette County, Wisconsin
October 2016: Luce Line Trail Bridge; Long Lake, Minnesota
November 2016: Rock Rapids Trail Bridge; Rock Rapids, Iowa
December 2016: Byron Rail Bridge; Byron, Illinois
January 2017: La Grange Rail Bridge; La Grange, Missouri
February 2017: CN 95th Street Bridge; New Richmond, Wisconsin
March 2017: Louisiana Swing Bridge; Louisiana, Missouri
April 2017: Eads Bridge; St. Louis, Missouri
March 2017: Two Rivers Swing Bridge; Two Rivers, Wisconsin
June 2017: Cedar Falls Rail Bridge; Cedar Falls, Iowa

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